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富春醫療器械 案例網站

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With a modest beginning, we have accumulated rich experience for years in supplying medical products toworldwide customers for years and gained a good reputation in the international market. Our product scope covers and numerous products have been approved ISO, CE, TUV and FDA certificate…

What We Do

We have been a family run business and serving your needs for over 5 years. Our customers have learned that we carry such a large range of items; they can make one phone call and find most everything they may need.At NBFCMED Medical Supply, we take the time to ensure you are getting the product you need. No matter how small the item is we want to make sure it is right for you. From fitting a cervical collar or picking out a pair of insoles, it is important to us that it fits you right and all of your questions are answered.We look forward to letting us help you and welcome you to our online showroom and our store in person.Thank You !!


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