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Elanteam 案例網站

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Established in 1999, Elanteam has enjoyed a quindecennial of success in manufacturing and worldwide distribution of quality automotive and traveling accessories. From the very beginning, Elanteam has consistently invest in the "Make life better" philosophy, taking that approach to strength its product innovation and consumer satisfaction that have led to exponential growth both internally and for our customers.


Today, Elanteam owns and operates two factories in Zhejiang province with more than 600 workers, plus 40 excellent employees dedicating in product development, quality control, logistics management and marketing services at its headquarters in Ningbo city. Recently, it has also lunched an R&D center in the USA.


We are committed to exceed expectations with our outstanding resources and experience in all aspects of product development, cost control, production capacity assurance, quality control management, customer service and logistics support. And we will continue to innovate to make a better day!

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